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Planting Design

Many people ask me to produce planting plans for them. Sometimes this is to rejuvenate a whole border, sometimes for a brand new border or garden.


After discussing exactly what my client wants from their garden in terms of style, colour and level of maintenance and assessing the conditions in the garden I will produce a detailed planting plan indicating number, position and ultimate size of each plant.


Following presentation of the plan, if required I can organise the purchase, delivery, laying out and planting of the new plants

I have completed various very different planting projects over the past few months. The images below show how effective the planting looks even after the first few months. The borders really take shape the following year

Raised beds in a back garden

The brief was to create colourful, vibrant planting which would give interest from the house all year round

new colourful raised bed
Raised beds
Raised beds
Raised beds
Geranium 'Azure Rush' with Salvia 'O
Colourful raised bed

A Cottage-style Gravel Garden

The brief was to remove the small area of grass to allow a lower maintenance surface. The planting was completely redesigned to create a lovely cottage feel

Cottage Gravel Garden
Cottage Gravel Garden
Cottage Gravel Garden
Cottage Gravel Garden
Cottage Gravel Garden
Cottage Gravel Garden
Cottage gravel garden

Planting around a pond

The client had just had a small, formal pond built in their back garden and asked me to design some borders around the garden with colourful planting which would complement the new water feature

Planting to enhance a formal pond
Shady border
Planting in a shady spot

Some recent projects show that you can have a colourful garden even if you have a very shady area such as under a tree or in the shade of a house

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