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Design Process

Initial meeting

After an introductory phone call, I will visit you in your garden to discuss your wishes for your new space.  This will involve thinking about how you want to use the garden, styles, budget and timescale.  At this stage I will provide thoughts on some potential design ideas and discuss how we proceed and the costs involved in your design process.  This initial meeting will take up to an hour with a small fee which will be refunded on commission of a design.


Client Brief and Site Survey

The next step is to detail your requirements from the garden including function, style and budget.  A detailed site survey is required to proceed with redesigning a garden which notes dimensions and existing levels and features of the garden.  If the site is large or with complex levels this is usually carried out by a surveyor.


Outline Proposal and Masterplan

Using the client brief and the site survey I will create an outline proposal for the design for your new garden presented as a scale drawing and using diagrams and visual aids to help you envisage the plan. At this stage we can discuss any changes you might like to make before I present the final detailed and coloured masterplan of your new garden


Building the Garden

In order to proceed to the building stage I can  provide construction diagrams and specification for the design giving details of materials to use and construction detailing of any hard landscaping features such as pergolas or walls.  This will enable contractors to cost and build the garden.  If required I can assist with engaging a reliable local landscaper and monitor the building process to completion.


Planting Plans and Plant schedule

The hard landscaping forms the backbone to the garden; our planting brings it to life.  I will provide well researched planting plans ensuring that the plants we use are suited to the conditions in the garden so that the plants will thrive and produce a lovely effect.  The plan will indicate botanical plant names and numbers required which is used to provide a schedule required by the plant nursery to order your plants. I can then place the plants in their correct places on delivery and if required carry on to plant up the garden for you.


Maintenance and Aftercare

Even a garden designed and planted for low maintenance will need some after-care to keep looking its best.  I can create an easy to follow maintenance plan for you if you prefer to look after the garden yourself or I can offer a regular maintenance service to ensure your garden continues to evolve and look beautiful.

Costs involved with the design process

There are costs involved with all the stages of the design process.  The costs vary depending on the project and the level of detail required and will be discussed at the initial consultation to allow for budgeting.

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