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I only want to redesign a small part of my garden, is that possible?


Yes, I can help you improve any part of your garden from a small, awkward space or a shady, unloved corner to an unkempt terrace by the house.  I can help with any type of project; small or large, simple or complex.

Do I have to go ahead and build the whole garden in one go?


No, you can continue with the design process as far as you want to go.  You may just want to get a master plan for the new design which you will then go ahead and implement yourself.  It is also possible to build the garden in phases as time and funds allow.

How long will it take for my dream garden to be finished?

The process for creating the ideal design and organising the build for your garden is detailed and so will take several months from start to finish. Various factors will influence the time taken, including the complexity of the design, size of the garden and availability of landscapers

Is it possible to just improve my existing flower borders?


Yes,  I can help you with any aspect of improving your garden; it doesn't have to be a full redesign. If you have existing border or beds which have become boring or overgrown, I can create a planting plan which will not only improve that area but also enhance the rest of your garden. 

How much will redesigning my garden cost?


I need to visit you to see your garden and understand what you wish to achieve before I can give you a cost for a design, as all gardens are different sizes and have varying challenges so require different amounts of time for the design. A planting plan for a small bed can cost from £195 and a design for a small garden from £495 depending on the level of complexity involved.

I'm concerned about how to keep my new garden looking great


If you want to look after your garden yourself then I can provide you with a detailed maintenance plan indicating how to look after each plant through the seasons.  I am usually asked to provide a fairly low maintenance planting scheme, so although there will still be some maintenance to do it will not be overly time-consuming each month.

If you prefer I can agree a maintenance contract where I will look after the garden on a monthly or seasonal basis to keep it looking great.

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